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5 Ways to Save Money with a VPN

Using a Virtual Private Network is the best way to save money…

TidalWave Productions Announces December 2020 Comic Titles

Contact your comic book stores to order in print or on Amazon. …

Paradise Killer Review

Paradise Killer is a smart, imaginative tale supported by barebones gameplay and wrapped in a highly subjective presentation.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars Review

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a lackluster collection of three (mostly) excellent, timeless games. Nintendo has shown us what it can do when the effort is put in with 2004's Super Mario 64 DS, so the lack of attention afforded here stings all the more.

Enola Holmes Review

The film plays with form the way Enola plays with words: dazzlingly, whimsically and sarcastically. It's a breezy escape from a world that seems to be getting darker by the day.

Serious Sam 4 Review

Serious Sam 4 doesn't deviate from the other entries in the mainline series, and that's perfectly okay. The fourth installment looks and handles perfectly, though some players may succumb to the repetition before the campaign concludes. That said, it's still an absolute blast to play, and it should keep fans busy for quite some time.

Spelunky 2 Review

I have a confession to make: I’ve never actually beaten Spelunky. I first tried it out it way back in the distant past when it was on Xbox Live Arcade, and I have fond memories of playing with my brother, who was far more skilled at it. I even later purchased it for PC, and […]

Star Renegades Review

The scattershot influences of Star Renegades make for a complex and engaging experience that often seems to be barely holding it all together.

Spinch Review

Spinch is a trip -- both the psychedelic kind and the "fall on your face" kind.

The Devil All The Time Review

At its core, The Devil All the Time is an examination of undeserved misfortune and the intergenerational effects of ignorance, impulsivity, and wickedness. Based on the novel by Donald Ray Pollock – who coincidentally narrates the film – director Antonio Campos’ tour de force places front and center this concept of inherited burdens, effectively saddling its audience with the very same weight and despondency that we’re forced to watch our characters endure.
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