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Enola Holmes Review

The film plays with form the way Enola plays with words: dazzlingly, whimsically and sarcastically. It's a breezy escape from a world that seems to be getting darker by the day.

The Devil All The Time Review

At its core, The Devil All the Time is an examination of undeserved misfortune and the intergenerational effects of ignorance, impulsivity, and wickedness. Based on the novel by Donald Ray Pollock – who coincidentally narrates the film – director Antonio Campos’ tour de force places front and center this concept of inherited burdens, effectively saddling its audience with the very same weight and despondency that we’re forced to watch our characters endure.

The Tax Collector Review

The Tax Collector isn't just David Ayer's worst film to date, it's also the worst film of the year. At least, so far.

An American Pickle Review

Seth Rogen's An American Pickle is now available on HBO Max to stream, but is it worth your time? And how does it compare to his other films?

Why A Boba Fett Movie Could Be A Brilliant Addition To The Star Wars Saga

It’s safe to say that moviegoers will be heading to that galaxy far, far away more regularly over the coming years. After all, 2019 sees the release of Star Wars: Episode IX and the start of production on Obi-Wan Kenobi’s solo effort. And sometime after that, among Rian Johnson’s standalone trilogy, Jon Favreau’s live action TV series and a mysterious offering from Game of Thrones writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, we also have a Boba Fett solo movie to contend with.

“Celebrating” 20 Years Of Batman & Robin

This summer, we observe the anniversaries of two entries in the enduring Batman film franchise. Recently, we fondly looked back on Tim Burton's Batman Returns, which was released in theaters 25 years ago, believe it or not. The other, however is remembered much less favorably. We are, of course, talking about the infamous Batman & Robin.

EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn Horror Film Festival Reveals Screamtacular Genre Line-Up

The end is nigh, NYC horror fans. On the weekend of October 14th-16th, Brooklyn will play home to an East Coast line-up of ghoulish goodness set wreak havoc upon a city the never sleeps - except now it'll have one damn good reason not to. The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival's wicked programming wizards have scheduled thirteen varying premieres (2 World Premieres/5 US Premieres) set to drench numerous venues in a nightmarish haze of unspeakable terrors and extra-curricular creepiness (that may or may not be soaked in booze). Features, shorts, live events, local spotlights - BHFF aims to make their first incarnation a memorable one.

Out Of Arkham: Harley Quinn, Mental Illness And Suicide Squad

This past weekend, Suicide Squad, DC's latest superhero offering, scored over $133 million at the box office. It set a brand-new August record despite overwhelming (and controversial) critical disapproval. As such, this movie deserves to be examined on an analytical level, especially with regard to representation.

6 Lessons That Mad Max: Fury Road Can Teach Future Action Movies

Mad Max: Fury Road is everyone's new favorite action movie. Blending over-the-top violence, dystopian world-building, intense action and injected with a healthy dose of forward-thinking feminism, the film has put every other summer blockbuster to shame and made at least this writer question just where director George Miller has been all these years.

I’ll Always Look This Good: Why We Need A Hellboy 3

The Hellboy film franchise is quite possibly one of the most frustrating ones in Hollywood (second only to Dredd, which desperately needs to actually BE a franchise). I am not a comic book fan, and I am even less of a fan of comic book movies, so it says a lot that I do love Hellboy and the world that surrounds him.