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Enola Holmes Review

The film plays with form the way Enola plays with words: dazzlingly, whimsically and sarcastically. It's a breezy escape from a world that seems to be getting darker by the day.

The Devil All The Time Review

At its core, The Devil All the Time is an examination of undeserved misfortune and the intergenerational effects of ignorance, impulsivity, and wickedness. Based on the novel by Donald Ray Pollock – who coincidentally narrates the film – director Antonio Campos’ tour de force places front and center this concept of inherited burdens, effectively saddling its audience with the very same weight and despondency that we’re forced to watch our characters endure.

The Tax Collector Review

The Tax Collector isn't just David Ayer's worst film to date, it's also the worst film of the year. At least, so far.

An American Pickle Review

Seth Rogen's An American Pickle is now available on HBO Max to stream, but is it worth your time? And how does it compare to his other films?